Whether you're a small or large business and are looking to increase your company's profile, CINEads has packages to suit your marketing objectives and budget.

With our vast purely digital cinema circuit, CINEads can create a unique campaign for each client. From a local cinema campaign, targeting a very specific geographical demographic, to an all over metropolitan or regional campaign, CINEads team of professionals will consult with you to provide the most effective campaign possible.

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One of the unique benefits of a CINEads campaign is that all cinema advertisers are assured exclusivity of product group for the duration of their campaign.

In today's saturated media market, it has never been more important to ensure your brand stands out from your competitors and a Cineads campaign ensure this objective.


You do not necessarily need to have a commercial already produced to advertise with us. CINEads has a fantastic production team and in conjunction with Digipix, we can create an amazing cinema commercial with proven impact and effectiveness.

Digital 2D

Using the state of the art digital production technology CINEads will showcase your business with maximum impact and recall.

Whether it be Digital Motion Graphics, HD Video Editing, Special Effects, 2D or CGi Animation, Specialised Audio Scores, 3D Stereoscopic design or any other Audio Visual format. We have the package to achieve your creative desires and put your Brand ahead of your competitors.

CINEads in conjunction with Digipix was the first cinema advertising company in Australia to produce and screen 3D ads with Avatar in December 2009, and has now created more 3D cinema commercials than any other company in Australia.

Production options are available for any type of clients big or small.

Existing 2D commercials can now be cost effectively transferred into stereoscopic 3D with excellent results.


With a completely digital circuit, no longer do businesses with Television Commercial's have to pay for costly film transfers to advertise on t he big screen. Not only is our digital medium cost effective but the added benefit of having your ad playing in a digital format is that it will look bright, crisp and clean on screen every time and will not be prone to degradation and weathering, common in most other formats like film.