Why Cinema?

Cinema is the ultimate platform for all brands big and small, providing the most powerful medium to impact engaged consumers with audio visual storytelling. The big screen, unrivalled sound quality and darkened auditorium create an immersive environment to watch the best blockbuster content.

  1. Access to a desirable local audience
  2. Category exclusivity in your local area
  3. The ability to align your business with blockbuster movies
  4. Cinema is a paid experience, cinemagoers are big spenders
  5. Studies prove that cinema has 6 times the engagement of TV

Cinema delivers highly engaged audiences and premium blockbuster content in the most impactful environment media budgets can buy.

Independent research has proved the unique experience and viewing environment of cinema combines to deliver six times the impact and engagement of the same advertising on television.

With ad avoidance and multi-tasking redefining how media is consumed, advertisers are facing increasing challenges to connect and engage with consumers. This research demonstrates that cinema has a key role to play in amplifying an advertiser’s screen strategy, delivering engagement, impact and cut-through at a level no other media can match.

What it means for advertisers:
The research proved that cinema generates:

  • 6 times the impact of TV
  • 6 times the ad memories of TV
  • 6 times the engagement of TV

How the research was done:
The research, conducted by Australian Online Research, involving campaigns breaking concurrently on cinema and TV. Respondents had an opportunity to see the advertising on either Cinema or TV.

Measured proven recall amongst people with an opportunity to see the ad on either cinema or TV.