The team at CINEads pride themselves on strong, long-term client relationships. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing us with their positive testimonials.

What made you decide it was a good idea to advertise at the cinema?
I discovered cinema advertising by seeing an ad for cinema advertising when an ad for CINEads popped up on the big screen. Even before meeting with someone and looking at the research, cinema intrigued me because you have a captive audience sitting in the dark looking at a big screen.

You have been using cinema for quite some years now. What difference has it made to your business?
The cinema is the only form of advertising that I get feedback from. Midland is a fast growing area and with so much redevelopment there are many new people in the area. Ace cinemas is the only cinema in the area, so what better way to reach new customers?

Why do you consider cinema advertising a good investment for your business?
The research shows that people who go to the movies have money to spend and I think that’s pretty much spot on. You’ve got a captive audience who are happy to pay to go the movies rather than sit at home watching TV. Food and cinema make a good pair and that’s what makes the advertising such a good investment.

Any audience feedback / response received since going to screen? We are always getting feedback from customers who have seen the ad, particularly when we change it. The most common feedback we receive from our customers is “we’ve seen your ad and have been meaning to stop in!” We’re also told regularly that our ad is engaging and fun.

Why do you continue your cinema campaign long term?
Like any form of advertising, the longer you do it and the more you’re in front of your target audience, the better the results. We are now in our 10th year on screen!

You have changed your ad a couple of times, how did you find the production process?
The production process has always been very easy. I’m not a creative or the expert so I literally leave the entire thing up to the team. They would come to me with an idea and impress me with the final product.

What were your reservations (if any) prior to embarking on a local cinema campaign?
I was not sure whether it was a good marketing investment.

What made you decide it was a good idea to do it?
Tony was adamant that the exposure would gain us an edge over other agents.

What difference / what benefits has it made to your business?
Real estate is incredibly competitive in our area. The number of agents increases whilst the number of properties remains relatively constant. Harcourts is new to Ringwood and recently won a listing over two local rivals who are from very established Ringwood agencies. The vendor specifically mentioned that the cinema ad made the difference.

Why do you consider local cinema to be a good investment for your business?
Real estate agents all have a similar marketing mix. Local cinema is our point of difference as it is refreshingly exclusive. Vendors enjoy the comfort of the knowledge that their property is being sold by a successful well branded agent.

Any feedback / response received since going to screen?
Toward the end of our first 12 months, we sought to reduce our marketing expenditure and discontinue cinema. Tony convinced us to hold onto our movie screens. We are so glad that we did as we are now seeing results that would otherwise have been experienced by one of our local competitors.

How did you find the production process: easy or difficult? Any feedback?
Tony approached the creative brief as if it were his business being promoted, placing a high value on developing strong key messages and beautiful photos. Tony took the time to determine why local people should list with Troy, with Troy’s values of transparency, honesty & trustworthiness, along with his incredible attention to detail identified as his key points of difference

What were your reservations (if you had any) before embarking on a local cinema campaign?
None. I had no reservations. It just makes sense to target the right people in the right area on the big screen.

What made you decide it was a good idea to do it?
Cinema allows us to target the local area which is most important for our business. I saw some other local businesses doing local cinema and I thought it was a good idea to mould our brand. We are not the closest car wash to the cinema and this provides the opportunity to benefit from this audience.

What difference / benefits has it made to your business?
It has increased our brand awareness and popularity. People now know what Sparklers stands for.

Why do you consider local cinema to be a good investment for your business?
Mainly brand awareness. People have come to know that there is a car wash here. We are also busier and have more customers.

Any feedback / response received since going to screen?
A lot of regular customers have mentioned that they have seen our cinema ad and that it looks good. They have said that this is good brand awareness, letting more people know where the car wash is.

Why do you continue with local cinema advertising?
We like the constant brand awareness.

How did you find the production process: easy or difficult? Any feedback?
The production process was easy.

What made you decide it was a good idea for your business?
I like the format of cinema and as the Adelaide marketplace is quite conservative we knew that a lot of people go to the movies so we saw this as a great opportunity to get out business in front of our local consumers by being on screen at our local cinema. We had been open for 12 months and it was time to let people know about us. The exclusivity factor of our campaign was also a great bonus.

What were your reservations (if you had any) before embarking on a cinema campaign?
The main reservation wasn’t the 12 month campaign, we understood that it was the structure of the contract itself as we have come across other contracts that can be confusing. Thankfully our campaign agreement with CINEads is very straight forward.

What difference / benefits has your cinema campaign made to your business?
The ad has created a real awareness about our restaurant, we also feel that the campaign has brought customers back in again that may have forgotten about us.

Why do you consider it a good investment for your business?
Like I said I like movies so we considered it a good investment, however it is still an investment and we were cautious but Steve was very reassuring and made us confident that this form of advertising would work for us. He presented client examples that made us confident that this would be a good advertising avenue for us.
How did you find the production process – easy/difficult?
Fantastic. The ad has come up beautiful, what the production team have done with bringing our photos to life is great. Jon was awesome to work with and the results have been amazing.

What feedback or response have you had since your campaign went to screen?
A lot. It started with friends telling me they saw me on screen to our regulars mentioning the ad, but the greatest feedback of all is the new faces we are now seeing, prior to this campaign we were not seeing too many new walk ins as we are not on a main thoroughfare in the city but that has now changed. We actively ask the question “where did you hear about us” and we are getting plenty of new faces saying that they saw us at the cinema.

Anything else?
Our cinema campaign is really helping by way of being a direct pathway to not only our restaurant but to our online presence also, our service and food gets reviewed online regularly so this is one of the first things consumers see when they go online to enquire about our business. As for the service provided from CINEads, it has been fantastic from start, through to production and right up to being on screen. Steve keeps us up to date with all the latest releases and box office updates. We also like the monthly CINEnews and client competitions.

What made you decide cinema advertising was a good idea for your business?
The cinema is smack bang in the middle of my local area, so it’s right for targeting local people

What were your reservations before embarking on a cinema campaign?  Everyone looks at costs and I did too. Then I thought about the coverage and decided to go for it. It was also audio-visual as opposed to more traditional advertising (back then he was using a lot more print)

What difference has your cinema campaign made to your business?
Maintaining constant recognition has led to business which are definitely through the ads. I know I am getting business from brand recognition and consistency. In fact, the last 18 months (Real Estate Plus have been on screen for 5 years) have been the most effective, I am getting more feedback than ever. I get people come up to me in the street – I have never met them before – and they shake my hand. They see my ad at the cinema, and they see the articles I write locally, and they know who I am. They tell me they have seen my ads, and want to shake my hand.

Why do you consider cinema advertising a good investment for your business?
I can clearly see a return on the investment from the feedback I get all the time.

How did you find the production process?
I have an ad which is tailored exactly to my business. We have a distinctive brand and by spending a little extra to get our own ad with a bit of humour, it’s not boring, The staff also feel a connection to the ad and true ownership of the product.

What feedback or response have you had since your campaign went to screen?
Just the other day I got two managements from a woman who said she wanted to give them to “the naked guy”. Because I am local, it helps my networks as well – she felt automatically connected to me. I know people talk about the ad because they tell me. I was at the Swan districts game a while back, catching up with my friends and they kept saying, “look behind you, look behind you”. Eventually I turned around and it was two boys – aged 11 or 12 – they wanted to know if I was the guy in the ad on the “big screen”. They asked me how long I had been doing it as they have always seen me there and were a little bit awestruck at meeting me!

Anything else?
Of all the marketing mediums I deal with, CINEads are the simplest to deal with. We have a great relationship.

Had you considered cinema advertising before being approached by CINEads?
Yes. I thought it was a really good opportunity to expose the salon. We are only a few doors down from the cinema so i see the high volume of traffic going through there. I thought it would be much better exposure for us than running an ad in a newspaper that may or may not be seen. Cinema was something I’d been thinking about for a while but did not know how to go about it. I thought it would be really nice to see the salon up on the big screen with some really funky images that show people what we do.

How would you describe the results of your cinema campaign?
I think from start to finish it is an outstanding ad. We get a lot of feedback from it and it has definitely drummed up new business for us. Overall I think cinema advertising has been a very positive thing to do. I was eating lunch in a local restaurant a few weeks back and these two girls who i had never seen before kept staring at me. They eventually plucked up the courage to come over and told me that they recognised me from the cinema ad, so it it clearly generates recognition if you put your face in the ad!

What do you like most about CINEads cinema advertising?
It’s really nice to see our platform on a bigger screen, I like the way our ad was put together, when i sit down and watch it on the big screen I feel very proud.

Is there any other feedback you would like to offer?
Obviously research your demographic in the area, find out if the people coming through the cinema are local or are they coming from an outside area. Also the ad has to be enticing. I found people who are now coming into the salon that lived in the area for 20 years did not know we were hairdressers or thought we would be too expensive. But, after seeing the ad in the cinema it gave them a sneak peek inside which makes us more approachable to come in.