Why Local?

CINEads cinema advertising is the most premium advertising accessible to your local business. Your cinema campaign will be scheduled to the screens at your local cinema and your ad will play every in front of every public session for the term of your campaign.

Cinema is the most popular cultural activity in Australia and connecting with a local audience has never been easier. Research shows that 7 in 10 cinemagoers travel less than 10km to go to the movies, so you can be confident in knowing that your business is advertising in front of the local audience at their local cinema.

The cinema audience is a desirable audience:

Cinemagoers are captive and attentive and in the perfect frame of mind to be impacted by your message

Cinemagoers are typically social, progressive, tech savvy, brand aware, active and connected

Research has shown that frequent cinemagoers are 43% more likely to be big spenders than the average population